So Once a Year Granny Takes a Trip...

Granny Takes a Trip- The Purple Gang 

A (fantasstic) classic 60's psych song that is actually named after a famous West London boutique. Granny Takes a Trip was one of the first boutiques offering vintage/"antique" clothing, which paved the way for other designer boutiques. Some pretty famous people shopped their too like Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, Syd Barrett. In 1967 the entire front of the store was a pop-art image of Jean Harlow, which you can see in the music video.
Anyways! There's a brief synopsis. (with the help of wikipedia)


I just got home to work & while carousing (I was only semi-sure that was a real word) the internet I came across some snaps of the newly launched Stussy x MadeMe collaboration, S&M. It was inspired by the 80's early punk scene (according to Stussy)...mixed with a little Harajuku girl & grunge (according to me). I don't think I would wear any of it (well, maybe the black & white striped pants) but the photos are great & being shot in St. Marks makes it muchh betterrr. I've walked by most of these places a zillionn times...good memories, forrrsuree.


obsessed list.

Helllooo! Here are a few things I'm currently obsessing over. This Chloe bag is too die for! It's modern but also timeless & sophisticated. I saw it in Bloomingdales a couple months ago & haven't been able to get it out of my head, same goes with these glitter Marc Jacob brogues... I probably look at them close to 10 times a day. I really like the shocking shade of emerald green these J Brands have, I think they'll be fun alternative to dark denim when the cooler months come around. 


Paul McCartney

Just some pictures of my outfit for the Paul McCartney concert at Yankee Stadium a few weekends ago. It was a truly amazing concert & I enjoyed every second of it....and the food, I love some good junk food. It was also really incredible to see every, single seat of the stadium occupied. He put on an spectacular show & it was so nice to see everyone out enjoying themselves. I even spotted one lady sitting in front of me that had mini pictures of Paul, each one different, applied to her crazy, cosmic colored nail polish, I really wish I got a picture.


Pretty things.

   My friend from France took these pictures for me while he was in town a couple weeks ago. It's  always  fun getting to show people around the city. Summer here is filled with a ridiculous amount of  ridiculous things to do, like Meatopia, which I unfortunately didn't make it too.
   If any of you went let me know how it was! 


Artscape, babyyyyy.

(photos: google images & Baltimore Sun)

This was one of my favorite things to do when I was little, while I was visiting my grandparents in Maryland in the summer. They had just moved from Chicago & I was a little bummed out, but I always looked forward to going to this! It is a free, public art show during July in Baltimore, Maryland where some of the coolest, most creative & absurd (in the best way possible) pieces of art are exhibited. My favorite part was always the cars, some decorated with poems, recycled bottle caps, & mosaic tiles & all kinds of interesting objects. I looked it up today when it randomly came to mind & it seems like it's bigger than ever. See the photos below showing some of the other activities & click here to visit their website, there's applications to participate!