obsessed list.

Helllooo! Here are a few things I'm currently obsessing over. This Chloe bag is too die for! It's modern but also timeless & sophisticated. I saw it in Bloomingdales a couple months ago & haven't been able to get it out of my head, same goes with these glitter Marc Jacob brogues... I probably look at them close to 10 times a day. I really like the shocking shade of emerald green these J Brands have, I think they'll be fun alternative to dark denim when the cooler months come around. 


  1. Glitter? No sh*t. At first I was like "why does she have boring corporate man shoes up there", then I was like, ah....G L I T T E R


  2. AH, I know! How can youI resist so much beautiful glitter?! & the glitter parts are sealed over, so they don't cover all your other shoes.